Automotive Repair Shop Management Software Providers

Speed ECat

Is unique to the industry. It provides cataloging and ordering between the repair shop and his supplier. Speed ECat supports both AConneX and IAP, which are internet based. It can also be used with dial-up and independent warehouse packages.

Parts Suppliers as a group are committed to providing their customers with electronic cataloging and ordering. Their dilemma is to whether to align themselves with just one SMS package, or to work with as many as possible. They really don’t want to get involved with marketing a SMS. However, if they can’t provide their customers with ordering solutions for their existing packages, they will have no choice. This is your opportunity to develop relationships with these Supplier who in turn will provide leads for new business, rather than force them to become your competitor.

Speed ECat will be used by parts suppliers everywhere. It can become an asset for your business. Be a leader or a follower ... It's your choice!

Speed ECat Browser

Is a stand alone program which provides cataloging and electronic ordering at no cost to the repair shop. While this is a cost effective solution, it is not efficient for most shops. They do not like all of the double entry required when using their own Automotive Repair Shop Management Software and the Browser.

Speed ECat Companion

Can work with directly with your SMS. Your customer saves time as your SMS starts up Speed ECat, automatically passing customer, ticket and vehicle information. The SMS can even tell Speed ECat which parts to look up. Only Speed ECat offers these exclusive features! By integrating your product with Speed ECat, you will be providing your customers the advanced features that they need. By offering your software to the Suppliers that your customers use, you will develop relationships which will generate additional exposure and prospects. Parts Suppliers provides exposure to THOUSANDS of REPAIR SHOPS Generate additional revenue ... provide additional services to your customers ...

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