Minimum System Requirements

Windows Vista SP2 or higher

1GHz or faster processor

1GB RAM or higher

500MB free space

Internet connection

New Installation / New Customer

This is the Full Installation for the Speed ECat Program. If you have never installed Speed ECat before or you are installing on a new computer, choose this download.
Version: 09.24.2015


Update Existing Software

If you already have Speed ECat installed on your computer and you want to update to the latest version, choose this download.
Version: 09.20.2013


Jobber Demo Download

We are continually expanding Speed ECat to work with additional proprietary backend systems. The jobber demo download is the most recent software designed for the developer of the backend system to test our integration before being released to the general public.
Version: 09.20.2013


Additional Software Resources

Microsoft SOAP Toolkit used for the Tire Guide Lookup, Adobe Reader to view TSB's in Speed ECat, Windows Update, Microsoft Security Essentials free anti-virus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and PDFCreator.